Personalized Learning Platform

Automated Intelligent Education Profile Builder

Customize for each student a curriculum aligned remedial or learning intervention to achieve measureable progress in Math and Science

Personalized Learning Platform

U-Sky’s Personalized Learning Platform (PLP) is a patent pending application designed and developed by experienced academic experts. The purpose of this platform is to customize for each student a curriculum aligned remedial or learning intervention to achieve measureable progress in Math and Science in this current academic year. U-Sky PLP will improve student learning, increase attendance, and reduce student drop-out.


Diagnostic Assessment

Help identify each student’s strengths and weakness – curriculum wise, grade wise, subject wise and in each chapter wise.
A simple multiple choice skill based learning diagnostic assessment is administered


Remedial & Intervention Program

Student score in each chapter will indicate their level of proficiency in that topic. Our robust Remedial Engine will design a Personalized Learning Plan customized to that student.
This intervention program uses game based and adaptive assessment method to help student progress into higher level of learning and mastery over the subject matter


Supplemental Resources

For better understanding of each concept - instructional and learning supplemental resources are made availablein multiple formats.
Videos/animations, presentations, class notes, work sheets, etc. in English and native languages

Our Features

Learning Skills Diagnostic Test

This is a Chapter-wise Test where student skills assessed on
Problem Solving, Critical Thinking, Reasoning / Logical Thinking, Conceptual Understanding, Fundamental Concept

Smart Tagging

Our Smart Tagging Engine using machine learning tools will predict and prescribe learning resources customized to each student

Adaptive Assessment

Our Patent pending Remedial Program Application generates Chapter - wise worksheets as Level -1 (Easy), Level-2 (Medium) and Level-3 (Hard) which are customized to each student.

Gaming Method

Student Progress will be messured as Level-Wise upon scoring 70% in each worksheet. Student will WIN by finishing Five worksheets in Level-1, Four worksheets in Level-2, and Three worksheets in Level-3

Personalized Remedial Plan

Based on Chapter-wise Diagnostic Assessment, every student is assigned a Personalized Remedial Plan. Student performance in the assessment will determine their Level.

Supplemental Multimedia Resources

Material like Instructional and Learning Resources are provided in multiple formats like Videos/Animations, Presentations, Class Notes, Worksheets

Videos & Animations


Class Notes


Frequently Asked Questions

PLP is a customise solution for every student to identify strengths and weekness and to provide remedial solution in a manner that can be measured.It is a combination of chapter wise learning diagnostic assement and that identifies child'S understanding in each chapter and to test their skills(Fundamental Concept,Application of Concept,Manipulation of Concept, Logical/Analytical/Reasoning,Problem Solving).Remediation is chapter wise work sheets which are game based adaptive learning methodology.

It is a remediation report on what their learning proficessancy is in each chapter wise diagnostic reports and what remedial work is mapped for them.So that personalized learning can happen.

It is a curriculam designed and the remedial materials are chapters specific work sheets.

Learning Diagnostic Assessement is a set of curriculum aligned and Skill based questions for each individual topic of any subject to assess the student’s academic status.At the end student can check the evaluated reported of his/her academic status.

A student can take Learning Diagnostic Assessment at the end of each chapter to identify their weak areas and to be assigned remedial work sheets that can be help them to improve there is no need to retake the Learning Diagnostic Assessment.


How It Works

  1. Step 1: Diagnostic Assessment
    Know your intelligence, analytical thinking, mathematical ability and spatial recognition
  2. Step 2: Practice Remedial
    After taking an initial adaptive assessment, student in their own personalized library, differentiated based on their own skill level.
  3. Step 3: Review your Reports
    Reporting Achievement for Students with Personalised Learning Plan.


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